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Together with dancers from every dance style, we at Tüchler have been developing sprung floors and dance carpets for more than 30 years. After laying thousands of square meters, gaining just as many hours of experience and receiving valuable feedback from countless dancers, it became clear to us that we wanted to incorporate this knowledge and experience into both the improvement of existing and the development of new dance floors. The result is the unique FLOORWINGS dance floors.


Dance professionals about FLOORWINGS - dance floors

The floor is our home.
The quality of the dancefloor is essential, because when you are making the movements, you need to have a floor which support your rising, welcome and embrace you back softly.

This floor is different from that what we had before, because while you are stepping on it, it welcomes into it, and gives you a possibility to fly from it as a bird. My dancers said that this floor gives a “welcoming sensation”, and “learning to fly” effect.

Ivo Ismael (†8. April 2021) about dance floor IGNITION
Co- founder of ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival

This floor for me was very impressive because it [felt like] it took me back home and got me to stability. It is very stable, comfortable. We could feel ourselves safe and very secure, so I wanna say thank you for this floor and for the opportunity to use it.

Victoria from Brasilia about dance floor IGNITION
Balé da Cidade de São Paulo

We were lucky to experience the black floor, as it was [...] slippery enough for slide across the floor and sticky enough for run. Also we had a prop and it was perfect to keep it stable [on the floor]. The lighting on the stage was gorgeous

Sadé Alleyne abour dance floor IGNITION
Alleyne Dance




Just as you as a dancer push your body to its limits in order to realize your dreams, we have pushed our technicians to their limits in order to develop perfect dance floors. The perfect dance floor protects your joints and tendons and at the same time gives you a secure grip when jumping and the ideal sliding friction that you need to float above the dance floor. Whether on stage, in the rehearsal room or on tour, you need a floor that will help you safely reach new heights and still allow a soft landing without a trampoline effect. That is why we have both permanent and portable sprung floors and dance carpets that can be used both permanently in your rehearsal room and on tour on different stages. A dance carpet is the object with which you, as a dancer, are in constant direct contact. Therefore, you have high demands on the quality of your dance carpet, because it has a great influence on your performance. We understand exactly how important this is to you. You want to be optimally supported by your floor, it has to be suitable for your dance shoes and offer you a perfect balance between grip and slide. That is why we have been continuously improving and developing our dance floors and their surfaces for decades. Discover the FLOORWINGS dance floor for yourself.
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