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“Supports your rising” is our slogan and it reflects everything that we are and what we strive for. Our company is highly committed to the arts and artists and we give our all to set the stage for them to shine. Founded in 1968, our company began supplying theatres, dance schools and multifunctional halls all over the world with a unique range of stage products. Drawing upon our experience, commitment and passion, we worked hand in hand with a group of professionals to develop a collection of high-quality dance floors designed to support the dancers so they can focus only on the perfect performance and follow their artistic self-expression with “confiDance” on any stage.






This floor for me was very representative because took me back home as it got me to stability. It is very stable, comfortable. We could feel ourselves safe and very secure, so I wanna say thank you for this floor and for the opportunity to use it. 

Victoria from Brasilia

The floor is our home. The quality of the dancefloor is essential, because when you are making the movements, you need to have a floor which support your rising, welcome and embrace you back softly.

This floor is different from that what we had before, because while you are stepping on it, it welcomes into it, and gives you a possibility to fly from it as a bird. My dancers said that this floor gives a “welcoming sensation”, and “learning to fly” effect.

Ivo Ismael
Co- founder of ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival

I am very very happy to do my dance on this floor, because I feel that the texture is different. It is very nice to “my art” 

Fabio Pinheiro from Brasilia




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