Vinyl Dance Floorings

Dance Carpets for Ballet and Other Dance Styles

Safe dance carpets that support you as a dancer in your daily training and performance.

"FLOORWINGS dance carpets are the ideal solution to lend your dance studio, ballet rehearsal room or stage a professional look and a pleasant ambience that perfectly matches your stage setting. Dance carpets have a major impact on performance and safety for dancers. Therefore, it is important to choose the right dance carpet for your dance style.
The suitable FLOORWINGS dance carpet provides you a high level of comfort and safety and, last but not least, perfect sliding friction that will remain unchanged for years with professional cleaning."


Hip-Hop, Zumba, Break-Dance, Street and similar dance styles require particularly padded surfaces suitable for dancing with rubber-soled sports shoes. This thicker padding is necessary because the places where these dances are performed usually only have a hard screed, concrete or asphalt sub-floor. Many dancers want to have the same dance carpet that is on the opera stage in their rehearsal hall.

Therefore, such a professional dance flooring must be able to be installed permanently as well as temporarily. That is why on this page you will find the two categories "dance carpets for portable installation" and "dance carpets for permanent installation". There you will find the dance floors best suited to your needs. That is why almost all FLOORWINGS dance carpets have a mineral fibre core. This mineral fibre core lends the carpets both dimensional stability and robustness.

This ensures that FLOORWINGS dance carpets maintain their dimensions, even when the temperature changes, and that they always lie flat. A single dance carpet cannot meet these sometimes very different requirements. Therefore, at FLOORWINGS you will find various dance carpets so you can choose the one most suitable for you. Below each product description you will find a ratings chart that will give you an overview of the properties for the dance carpet.

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