Vinyl Dance Floorings

A vinyl floor is a perfect way to lend a wonderful look and feel to your dance studio, rehearsal room or stage. Flooring has a huge impact on two important things, performance and safety, for you and your students . Thus, it is really important to choose the best Marley dance floor for your location. The suitable dance carpet will give you smoothness, a high level of comfort and, last but not least, you will love it as it is easy to clean and care for. These are the features that Floorwings floors offer.





The professional vinyl dance floor is an amazing material for many different kinds of dance styles such as ballet, contemporary, hip hop, street, modern dance and can even be used for aerobics like Zumba and Piloxing as well to protect your joints. In addition, if you would like to dance on a floor that feels more like wood for dance styles like ballroom, flamenco, swing or tap, we have the perfect solution for you!

Professional dancers dance up to 8 hours per day and therefore they need to have the best possible equipment at their “workplace”. Based on this fact, we have developed professional dance floors especially for this purpose.

There are internationally recognised standards for general floor types, but unfortunately not for professional dance floors. That is why, if you are planning to buy a Marley floor for your dance studio, rehearsal room, or stage, there are a number of factors that you should consider carefully when looking at the products available on the market.

Things you should be aware of:

  • Some believe that a sport floor is appropriate as a dance floor, but it is not! Why not? It is easy to answer; most of the footwear for sports are cushioned in order to protect against impact injuries while dance shoes can not cushion landings. Dancers need the right degree of traction from the surface and absorption and cushioning when landing.
  • The following can also be confusing during the buying process: There are three different grades of vinyl floor: industrial, residential and commercial. Most of the dance carpets fall into the commercial category, as they are very durable, robust and are made for day to day heavy usage, not like residential vinyl which is made for use in a home not in a studio. Last but not least the industrial grade, as its name implies, is made for industrial purposes.
  • There are also different types of vinyl floors for dance purposes; some of them are soft, some are dense, some come with a cushioned back and there are also floors with fiberglass.
  • Soft vinyl floors are perfect for touring as they are usually lightweight and easy to roll out.
  • Dense vinyl floors are more rigid compared to soft ones and usually are used as a multi-purpose studio flooring. Cushioned dance floors are able to reduce sound and these floors are a good complement in cases where floating subfloors are needed.
  • Finally, there are dance floors with fiberglass lining; they lie amazingly flat and are well known for their outstanding stability and durability.

Although there are many different technical specifications regarding dance carpets, they can be seen as reference points in order to be able to make a comparison between different characteristics such as fire rating, thickness… etc. It is up to you to decide what main characteristics you need for your dance carpet surface.

While this section is about the perfect dance surfaces, do not forget to check out our Sprung Floor range to find the perfect combination for your subfloor and dance carpet for a dancing experience you will enjoy for years to come

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