“Supports your rising” is our slogan and it reflects everything that we are and what we strive for. Our company is highly committed to the arts and artists and we give our all to set the stage for them to shine. Founded in 1968, our company began supplying theatres, dance schools and multifunctional halls all over the world with a unique range of stage products. Drawing upon our experience, commitment and passion, we worked hand in hand with a group of professionals to develop a collection of high-quality dance floors designed to support the dancers so they can focus only on the perfect performance and follow their artistic self-expression with “confiDance” on any stage.

“All of the arts begin with feelings and emotions...” We are absolutely convinced that performers instinctively recognize a great floor the moment they step onto it. Our belief was verified by the famous dancer and choreographer Ivo Ismael, who told us the following: “A good floor is always welcoming”. Taking his words to heart, we set to work to create the best collection of dance floors to prevent injuries and ensure the performers the safest experience ever.

In this collection you will find not only sprung floors but also vinyl floors for all different types of dances both as permanent and as portable dance floors.
Seeing as dancers “tirelessly” push their bodies to the limit to achieve their dreams, we felt the need to also work tirelessly to provide dance floor solutions that ensure their health and safety. This is what drove us to develop our sprung floors in both permanent and portable versions. After all, whether they are on a stage, in a rehearsal room or on tour, dancers need a floor that will help them safely reach new heights and still provide a soft landing without a trampoline effect.
Artists have clear and high expectations regarding the quality of vinyl floors as they are the first and last direct point of contact and have a major influence on the performance and the dancers. There is no question about the importance of the top surface. It must perfectly support the dancers, be suitable for the dance shoes and deliver a perfect balance between grip and slide. We continually focus on improving our top surfaces to provide the best flooring possible for every dance style for permanent and portable use.

As we said above, we are convinced that as soon as a dancer sets foot on one of our Floorwings dance floors, they will know exactly which floor will best help them reach new heights.
Explore our collection and simply ask us if you need more details. We will be more than happy to introduce you to our Floorwings family of dance floors.