You feel it: on hard floors you get tired more quickly and you fell your feet burning. Your tendons
and joints suffer and there is often the threat of painful after-effects.
You know it: damping floors are good for you, good for your musculoskeletal system, and reduce
your risk of suffering from painful after-effects.
You know it: there are often brutally hard floors where you perform and practice.
You and every stage technician and stage hand knows it: damping floor systems are
either impossible to get, or no one wants to transport, store, much less spend hours installing these heavy floorings for the “few” minutes of performance or “few” hours of training.

That is why we developed the mobile subfloor Manero ULTRA-LITE especially for you:
Foam composite system for 37% better damping and excellent protection of your joints.
Puzzle system for easy installation
• More than 70% savings in work, storage and transport costs due to low weight and volume.(1)
•Up to 90% savings in labour and installation costs.(1)
• Manero ULTRA-LITE has been tested according to EN 14904 (sports floors type 2).
• Ultra dynamic: You are aiming high, above all with your jumps. Manero ULTRA-LITE has an incredible 100% vertical ball behaviour. So you can really take off!

Manero Ultra Lite does your body good

Ultra Low impact
Have you ever wondered why traditional sprung floor systems are so painfully hard, even though they are
supposed to dissipate 50% or more of the impact force when you land?
The answer lies in their mass and the system itself. Classic sprung floor systems only begin to work when
the force of the impact you make on them is high enough. The force of your first contact with the floor is
still not high enough for it to begin working. Especially when you make contact on your elbows, knees,
hands, fingers, ankles, or head, and that is why they will start to hurt.
Manero ULTRA-LITE protects you right from your first contact!
Unlike traditional sprung floors, the active foam composite system begins working immediately!
That way it protects not only your joints, but also makes direct impacts less painful for the rest of your

Ultra easy on the Body
Even if you want to do everything to make dancing and acrobatics easy on the body, do you really
want to ruin your back installing heavy sprung floor panels?
Manero ULTRA-LITE is easy on everyone’s body!
37% protective damping for the health of the performer.
7 kg/m² light for the installation team


Manero Ultra Lite makes your life easy

Ultra Leicht to install
Do you want to avoid ever having long discussions about why, how long and who is going to install the heavy
sprung floor just for a few hours of training or a performance of few minutes?
Simply install and remove the lightweight Manero ULTRA-LITE puzzle pieces yourself! Of course you won’t be alone
for long, as everyone enjoys the playful activity of putting a puzzle together.

Ultra Leicht to transport
Are you tired of high transport costs, overloaded elevators and trucks?
Do your break into a cold sweat when you think of all the heavy transport trucks that you
had to send to the installation sites for classic “mobile” sprung floors? Save yourself all
the headaches with Manero ULTRA-LITE! 75% less weight means:

70% less “pushing and sweating”.(1)
70% less transport costs.(1)
Up to 90% less labour and installation costs.(1)
Ultra Easy to Store

Are the many storage carts holding your classic “mobile” sprung floor taking up all the space in your storeroom?
With Manero ULTRA-LITE,
save 75%(1) in storage and
transportation volume and save a lot of money.

You can rely on Manero Ultra Lite

Ultra strong
Rolling loads are the norm on stage. Manero ULTRA-LITE can handle even the heaviest rolling loads such as pallet trolleys or forklifts with ease.

Ultra durable
Manero ULTRA-LITE stands up to even hard impacts from heavy objects like dropped hammers.
Even high-heels or stilettos won’t leave a mark.

Ultra safe
Manero ULTRA-LITE is permanently flame retardant according to EN 13501
class Cfl-S1.


Standardized Tests Are Tough, But We Are Tougher
As if standardized tests were not hard enough, we subjected Manero ULTRA-LITE to yet more tests with a 1,100 kg pallet trolley and a fork lift with a
total weight of approximately 4,800 kg. Watch

Point Damping
Despite being under load, the immediate area still offers full damping.

(1) Classic Sprung Floor Manero Ultra Lite Savings
Weight/m² 18 – 24kg 7 kg 60% - 70%
Volume 50m² 2,1m³ 0,65m³ 70%
Weight50m² 900 - 1200 kg 350 kg 60% - 70%
Installation time
(2 people 50m²)
60min - 100 min 10 min - 15 min 75% - 90%

Standard elements
Manero ULTRA-LITE is available in the following standard elements:

  1. Panel large:95x190cm
  2. Panel small:95x95cm
  3. Edge element Type „0“: 95x65cm
  4. Edge element Type „1“: 95x65cm
  5. Corner element 65x65cm

Weight: 7kg/m²
Thickness: 13mm
Custom shapes are available upon request.

Manero ULTRA-LITE is easy to install without the need for adhesives
or adhesive tapes.
The patented interlocking puzzle shape ensures the flooring is
instantly stable. The alternate use of “small” panels creates an offset
connection that makes the flooring even more stable.
The edge elements type “0” make a straight edge on the two sides
with the “puzzle tongues”, and the edge elements type “1” make a
straight edge on the two sides with the “puzzle notches”. Four corner
elements connect the edge elements.


Cover Surface
Manero ULTRA-LITE is a subfloor and is only intended to for use with
a top surface.
TÜCHLER recommends using the dance floorings Drosselmeyer,
ConfiDance or Consor. The test data for the combination of these
dance floorings with Manero ULTA-LITE regarding force dissipation,
vertical deformation, vertical ball behaviour, resistance to a rolling
load, fire resistance, resistance to indentation and impact resistance
are available.

High-end Compound System for Durability and Lasting
Manero ULTRA-LITE is a composite system made of special foams
and multiple support layers. The aging resistant, ultra-elastic special
adhesive provides lasting elasticity and extreme durability at low
weight and high damping.
CNC Precision Milling for Perfectly Fitting Joints
All Manero ULTRA-LITE elements are CNC milled. This ensures
perfectly fitting joints, even for additional panels ordered years from