Claudia about dance floor


by Ballroom dance and Percussion dance


Now I had the chance of testing the floor and would like to share my real life experiences with you:

My first action when changing my living-room into my "home-studio" is to spread the dancefloor on my parquet. It nearly immediately lies flat on the floor without any unevenness. Although I do not fix it on my parquet it does not move while dancing on it.

I tested it first with my standard dance shoes which I use for my Charleston and Sixty Go Go Choreos. These shoes have a leather sole and it is a bit difficult to slide on the floor for it is a bit sticky and doing turns is a bit stressful. But maybe this will disappear when using it several times more?

And then I tested it with my tap shoes and was really surprised by the sounds. I did not expect them being such good. Of course the sounds are a bit "dull" and do not sound as pale and clear when dancing in the dance studio on parquet or acorn floor, but I can hear myself making the sounds and so having control if I am doing the choreos right!😁.


My conclusion :

This dancefloor is a real good solution for dancing at home (ballroom dance and percussion dance) to save your parquet or laminate floor at home, and I will surely use it - when corona-restrictions are gone someday - as underground for (hopefully coming) future performances.

Ivo Ismael about dance floor IGNITION


Co- founder of ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival

The floor is our home.
The quality of the dancefloor is essential, because when you are making the movements, you need to have a floor which support your rising, welcome and embrace you back softly.

This floor is different from that what we had before, because while you are stepping on it, it welcomes into it, and gives you a possibility to fly from it as a bird. My dancers said that this floor gives a “welcoming sensation”, and “learning to fly” effect.

Victoria from Brasilia about dance floor IGNITION

Balé da Cidade de São Paulo

This floor for me was very impressive because it [felt like] it took me back home and got me to stability. It is very stable, comfortable. We could feel ourselves safe and very secure, so I wanna say thank you for this floor and for the opportunity to use it.

Sadé Alleyne about dance floor IGNITION

Alleyne Dance

We were lucky to experience the black floor, as it was [...] slippery enough for slide across the floor and sticky enough for run. Also we had a prop and it was perfect to keep it stable [on the floor]. The lighting on the stage was gorgeous

Fabio Pinheiro from Brasilia about dance floor IGNITION

Balé da Cidade de São Paulo

I am very very happy to do my dance on this floor, because I feel that the texture is different. It is very nice to “my art”

Valente Crepaldi from Brasilia about dance floor IGNITION

Balé da Cidade de São Paulo

The relation with the ground got me even stronger.
It is pretty interesting when I think I could be a tree as a dancer. I could feel my roots, growing on the ground so I could reach the sky.