Portable and permanent sprung floor systems

Sprung floors and dance floors: great art needs ideal conditions; great dance needs a perfect floor: MANERO Sprung Floor Systems System

MANERO CLASSIC - The Area-Elastic Floor System

Available in four cushioning levels, each in a version for permanent or portable installation. In total, we install several thousand square meters of dance flooring worldwide every year.

System MANERO ULTRA-LITE - A Mixed-Elastic Sprung Floor, Especially for Portable Use

Schwingboden Manero ULTRA-LITE ist der schnellste auf- und abzubauende und bei Lagerung und Transport platzsparendste und leichtesteste Schwingboden.

Manero ULTRA-LITE is the easiest and fastest sprung floor to install and uninstall and the lightest and most space-saving floor for storage and transport. "All Manero sprung floor systems are easy on the joints and tendons which is very important in ensuring the health and comfort of the dancers. Absolute precision is the top priority for both systems. With their specific structure, the sprung floors from FLOORWINGS perfectly meet the requirements for every style of dance. The dance floor works with the dancers, giving them the feeling of absolute control over their movements and intentions. Manero Classic dance floors are always precision work. They are tailored made to meet the precise conditions where the flooring is to be installed. FLOORWINGS offers the perfect floor on which the great art of dance can blossom, because the secret of the fascination is precision. This applies to the art as well as to the material and technology behind it.

Whether in large houses or in prestigious dance studios, be it for temporary events and festivals or fixed and permanent installations:

FLOORWINGS supports your rising.

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