MANERO sprung floors

Durability, safety and performance are the most important factors that you need to consider when choosing the best sprung floor for your dance studio or as a portable sprung floor for use in a multi-purpose space.

What is a sprung floor? It is a floor that gives a soft feel compared to concrete (or a surface directly attached to concrete: wood, vinyl, carpet). It absorbs shock, enhances performance and reduces the risk of many kinds of injuries.



Dancers need to trust the dance surface completely in order to be able to perform and train at the highest level. Finding the best solution will provide dancers with the perfect environment for creativity and motivation. Our floors not only integrate the highest quality materials with perfect damping features that are easy on the joints, they also provide you with the “easy to use locking system” thanks to their unique aluminium tongue and groove system.

The Manero Classic family within Floorwings brand is an area-elastic subfloor which provides dancers with a safe dance surface that is easy on the joints and bones.

Four different cushioning systems consisting of high-chem foam are available to satisfy various needs for surface elasticity and cushioning or spring-back. The uniqueness of the sprung floor system is that; it provides the same surface elasticity across the entire floor area due to its specially developed aluminium tongue and groove system. Floorwings sprung floors are designed for every style of dance and have been certified in accordance with the sports floor standard.

What else can you expect from a Floorwings sprung floor?

  • Easy installation
  • Durability
  • It is even and flat across the entire surface
  • It has area elasticity (which is way better than point elasticity)
  • Springy to return energy but not too springy like a trampoline; dancers can choose between 4 different cushioning systems based on their needs
  • Thanks to its different cushioning systems, based on the dancer’s needs and choice, the surface will not be too hard, which could cause repetitive strain injuries, or too soft, which can be tiring in the long run
  • Absorb the energy of falls and reduce injuries
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