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Tranquility Base is specially coated and patterned fiberglass-reinforced sheet underlay floorings. This product provides safe installation base by other floor coverings, by helping to overcome the problems sometimes occur during installation floor coverings on new or old subfloors. Additionally has excellent sound insulating property.
It can be laid over a variety of surfaces, such as old and new cement estrich subfloors, PVC subfloors, sheet metal floor, subfloors contaminated with oil or paint, or damp subfloors.
It can be used over asphalt subfloors as well. You can use these underlays on asphalt subfloor as well.

The main advantages of Tranquility Base:

  • Provide continuous stabile and damp-proof base
  • Cut down installation time
  • Allow that a new temporary floor can be laid over an existing floor without removing the old gluing

Typical areas where Tranquility Base underlay is recommended to use:

  • on cement/concrete bases where construction moisture has not dried out properly, between 2-5 CM% (Carbide method)
  • on old subfloors which do not contain a proper damp proof membrane
  • over old, soundly fixed floorings when a temporary covering is planned to use without gluing

Tranquility Base should NOT be used:

  • on areas that are subjected heavy wheeled traffic, forklifts etc.
  • on timber-bases that are not well ventilated
  • on subfloors that are subjected hydrostatic pressure,
  • on subfloors which contain an effective damp proof membrane but exceed a relative humidity of 97%, and on subfloors having no damp proof membrane and the relative humidity above 92 %,
  • on magnesite estrich


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As low as €33.12 €27.60 Regular Price €35.70
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Technische Details:
  • flame-retardant;EN 13501-1, Bfl-s1
  • width 145cm
  • 1800 g/m²
  • 25lm roll
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